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Broadband vs. dial up, which is a better pick

By cooldude | September 28, 2011

The dial-up as you know, had been invented in the early 90’s and was the only successful internet service that existed. Downloading and browsing became a lot faster after dial-up service came into being. But everything has certain advantages and disadvantages. As for dial-up, the service link broke if any household member intends to use the land-phone. Moreover, downloading a file of more than 10 MB became almost like a nightmare.

This problem was solved by broadband. Few companies, nowadays, offer it at prices lesser than dial-up and it offers a very high bandwidth while downloading or just surfing the internet, and downloading files of sizes like 10 MB could be done in a few minutes. But, the drawbacks of broadband were also there. In broadband, a direct link with the satellite is established and the speed became much slower if any interferences like hard rain or thick clouds can slow down the speed.

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