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Dell streak or iphone, which is better?

By Server Tech | December 5, 2010

If you are on a tough edge deciding between two of the most innovative phones, you need to decide on several parameters. Dell Streak has been recently launched to give a hard time to Apple iPhone. But the question is – can it really be a challenge against the already stable running iPhone? If you look for speed, iPhone will offer that to you while Dell Streak can act funny after some data being loaded. In terms of the touch technology, Dell has a lot of work to do on its Streak. On the camera side, the Streak offers a better resolution compared to iPhone, but again, would you really buy a cellphone just for its camera resolution?

Apple iPhone’s biggest advantage is its Apple App store. The quantity and quality of iPhone Apps is enormous compared to that of the Dell world, which is not even 5%. Apple develops a comfort in your life, which Dell fails to.

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