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Multiple hosting servers

By cooldude | May 29, 2012

If you want to know how multiple hosting of servers will help you in amplifying the uptime and security of your website, then here is a good deal of information regarding the matter. Choosing a server to host your website is a compulsion to ensure security but it can be a problem to select one from the thousands. But multiple hosting servers have become popular although they are quite expensive.

The best thing about multiple hosting servers is that they make use of DNS along with round robin scheduling which helps to choose a certain IP address from multiple addresses. By just typing the name of the website, you can find your website. The procedure of hosting in this case there is a lot of security system. There is a failover monitor that will watch the web servers and it also dispatches data to a specified URL. If any of IP addresses given by you returns error the IP address is pulled out of the IP address list.

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