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Things to look for in a wireless router

By cooldude | July 21, 2012

Wireless routers, RoutersThere are some basic features that all wireless routers should have. A wireless router should be having a broadcasting system of disabling SSID. Then, there should be a facility of changing the default SSID. You should be able to get the WEP encryption enabled. The filtering of MAC address should also be enabled.

These are important for getting away from the hackers. Then there are some other features as well. The router should have a WPA. It is a kind of a solution for all the flaws of security. Then there is the WPA PSK. This is not difficult to set up at all. The shared key has to be copied to the router and the adapter and it will be set. You should also look out for the TKIP in the wireless router. A very high version of the WPA encryption is the AES that you should look out for.

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