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Which is better? Laser or inkjet printers

By Server Tech | December 7, 2010

Gone are the days, when you could only print in one color using the first generation dot matrix printer! Now, you have ink-jet and laser printers which has completely revolutionized the printing industry all together. Now, while you go to the market to buy a printer, you want to know – what is better? Well, it depends on what sort of requirement you have in terms of printing. Ask yourself – are you a professional or just going to use the printer for personal usage. Laser printers are superior to ink jet printers in multiple ways and are quite costly.

Ink jet printers offer moderate resolution and can print out photos from your camera, which are quite good, if you are not a professional photographer. However, the speed is quite low, which you can’t compromise with, in case you are in an office. So, in that case, laser is the preferred printer that is required by all the business organizations.

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