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Wind power houses: a new hope

By Server Tech | June 20, 2010

Talk of the green revolution, it has become mandatory for residents to do something different and innovative in order to stop the sudden climate shifts and global warming. When it comes to utilities, most of you would end up to the question of power generation. All of you are using the non-renewable resources of energy, which has been a threat due to its emission and price. A good example of the alternative source of energy would be the wind energy and many have observed the power.

However, the point is – would it be possible to generate energy everywhere through wind energy? Powerhouses should be built in specific regions, where the wind speed is quite high enabling the turbines to move at high speed. This can entitle the spindle to rotate faster and generate good power. The electricity can be transferred to the nearby towns and cities in order to cut down on the thermal power usage.

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