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3D mobile phones

By cooldude | July 16, 2012

3D mobile phones, mobile technologyDo you want to know about the features and facilities of a 3D mobile phone before purchasing it? Well then read this article and know about all the necessary details. Samsung B710 is one of the latest 3D mobile phones that have made the phone lovers really excited. This phone has got a number of fabulous features in which 3D parallel display. TV tuner and a 3D camera with dual lens are present.

This 3D phone may look like any other regular slider phone but the 3D features are vibrant when you switch it on and take look at the display. The display turns into a 3D screen once it is on. Motorola, LG and other companies are also making their mark in launching 3D phones and all the 3D mobile phones have 3D output via HDMI. In HTC 3D phone you will get HD display along with 5MP dual lens camera.

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