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Benefits of having servers with more memory

By Server Tech | April 18, 2010

The Internet has been around for over two decades now and naturally the growth has been quite enormous. There are several portals, which were hosted since the time Internet became popular among the masses. Certain portals, which are there to offer several free services like email, blog, sites, shopping, music, movies, news and many more. These portals have grown over the years, not just by the content, but also in terms of usage. The number of users accessing these websites has moved up radically.

The development of the various portal platforms have changed over the years and become heavy in terms of size. Due to the introduction of graphics, animations and clips, the size has really been booming, which requires massive space. The website hosts purchase space every year as per requirement. Also, they purchase space in order to archive data that has past its age. Memory for server is quite costly.

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