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Is there anything beyond 4G?

By qwcdirect | February 21, 2011

There has been a lot of change in this world especially in the field of technology. The introduction of 4G is the perfect example for this. This is the latest advancement in technology after 3G. It offers more bandwidth and comes with many wonderful advantages. 4G is also referred to as the fourth-generation.This incredible wireless technology is thriving and becoming popular among technology lovers.

4G wireless communication offers protected Internet protocol (IP) solution. This goes beyond 3G. 4G comes with assurance of enhanced-quality streaming video. You can also enjoy reliability for voice. Speedy data access is also a fabulous advantage of 4G.However, this does not mean that there is nothing beyond 4G technology. There is much to be introduced. There are several things that can be improved and included in 4G to make it better for the modern world. More features and standards can be added to make the technology a better choice for users.

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