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Laser printers replacing inkjet printers

By qwcdirect | April 4, 2011

Choosing a perfect printer can be a really hectic task for you. There is more than one thing that should be taken care about. For instance price, speeds and most importantly the quality. If you are in a huge office environment you might prefer speed over quality because of the large number of print outs every hour. On the contrary, if you work in an advertising firm, you must prefer quality over speeds because you want to show your client the best possible quality of your work.

When we talk about printer options, there are two available in the market. One is laser printer and the other one is inkjet printer. Basically, laser printer is much more enhanced technology that provides crisp and crystal clear quality of images and text within seconds. Inkjet prints good quality images and texts as well but it takes a fair amount of time. Furthermore the quality is nowhere near LaserJet.

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