Few things about web hosting

By cooldude | September 10, 2013

web hostingInternet has become a very important part of our daily life. All of our daily works are in some way or the other dependent on the internet and the computer. With the increased use of internet, the number of websites also increased. The websites are nothing but, in simple words, platforms on the internet interface to get information about certain important things. You always find that the websites are maintained in the perfect way with the correct thing at the correct place. All the links and tabs relating to specified information are arranged sequentially. This complete thing is called web hosting. There are many companies which provide the web hosting services. Before you hire any company for the web hosting services, there are certain things you need to consider.

If you own a business and you have a website for that you should definitely hire a web hosting company. The web hosting company will take proper care of your website. Hiring a web hosting company is the best way to maintain your web site properly. The web hosting company will upload all necessary information and stuffs in your website whenever you require it. While designing your website they will take proper care of your demand and requirements. Always look for some company who provide guaranteed service. You can get your money back if you don’t get the desired service.

The web hosting companies also provide good customer support. If any visitor of your website faces any problem, he or she can call the 24×7 customer helpline numbers to sort out their problems. In case of any problems, the web hosting company will immediately take proper steps to solve it. You should make a well research of the market to hire the best web hosting companies that provide the best services at an affordable price.

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Video conferencing is beneficial for your business

By cooldude | August 31, 2013

Video conferencingWith the development of technology and the advancement in the whole world, internet and computer has become a very important part of our daily life. Almost all work of our daily life is now done with the help of computer. Without the computer we will be no one. Technological development has made the computer capable of doing all sorts of work. Our business and its development also depend a lot on the computer and more specially the internet. With the huge advancement of internet and computer together, the concept of video conferencing has become much popular. A lot of important work is done through video conferencing now days. Be it a small or a big business, both of them is equally benefitted to a large extent by the video conferencing.

Holding urgent meetings is very common in a large business. For a meeting you need to gather all the directors together at a place which is not possible always as some of them may be out of station or even may be out of the country. In such cases video conferencing is of immense helpful as you talk to them face to face directly irrespective of the fact where they are or what they are doing. You can seal some important business deals with some partners settled overseas even without visiting the place simply by having a video conference.

You can even make your business global by the use of video conferencing. You can get connected with your customers, dealers and retailers settled in other places by having a meeting with them at regular intervals through video conferencing. This will make you much more interested and enthusiastic about the business. Getting connected with all levels of employees of your business will enable you to sort out any problem before it takes a serious form.

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How to find the right Video conferencing tool?

By cooldude | August 23, 2013

Video conferencing toolVideo conferencing is really popular amidst the smart & dynamic entrepreneurs today. A face-to-face interaction is always significant to ensure a strong bond with the clients and also facilitates easy comprehension of the business ideas. Are you too planning to introduce video conferencing in your office? Well, that’s fantastic and there are a diverse range of video conferencing equipments available today. However, not every video conferencing tool would be suitable for you- thus the article below lays down some tips to consider while investing on a video conferencing tool.

Consider the conference requirements

You must consider the conference requirements before purchasing your video conference unit. If you just want to make point-to-point calls, you won’t need to waste money on equipments designed for multi-party calls. In case you would like to have presentations during video conferencing, search for the one that supports PowerPoint slides. Then, if your video conferencing is supposed to be followed by online survey, you have to invest on video conferencing equipment with polling capacity. Some of the systems are engineered with document camera that allows sharing of closed-up snaps during the conference.

Consider participants

You must take into account the number of participants before picking your video conference equipment. It’s because there are a versatile array of conference equipments in the market catering to varied range of candidates. You will find equipments for 2-4 people, 4-6 participants and equipments catering to 10+ candidates are available as well.

Adequate screen size

Make sure that the video conferencing equipment you are taking to can assure effective viewing for all participants. A video conference has little value if your presentations cannot reach up to all the participants in the conference. For example, a 32” screen will only produce a highly dissatisfied user experience in a conference with 10 participants.

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History of television and mass broadcasts

By Server Tech | July 18, 2013

As one of the most influential pieces of technology to emerge in the last hundred years, it’s important to remember that the television has developed incredibly quickly and over a relatively short period of time.

From the first mechanical television to the modern flat screen TV, the humble television has gone through an extraordinary number of changes and documented events as important as the moon landing and Kennedy’s assassination along the way.

Here we take a brief look at the history of the television and mass broadcasts and examine how they’ve changed over time. For more detailed information on technical and scientific developments, take a look at this article by Mitchell Stephens.

Early broadcasts

Broadcast television was introduced in different countries at different times. The earliest broadcasts were made in the UK and USA in the last years of the 1920s, with regular broadcasts on the BBC and other stations becoming commonplace in the 1930s.

Though the Second World War halted broadcasts in the UK between 1939 and 1945, and US development was hampered by poor investment and a lack of technical standards for broadcasters to abide by. An estimated 200 television sets were in use by the mid 30s, with this figure increasing dramatically throughout the decade.

High definition broadcasts

During the early stages of television, the number of areas able to receive broadcasts was low. In America, Los Angeles had experimented with early low-definition broadcasts before they ground to a halt and New York began high-definition broadcasts.

In the UK, high-definition broadcasts were resumed in 1946 following the end of the war. By the end of 1947, there were an estimated 44,000 television sets in the USA and an impressive 54,000 in the UK. The global expansion and domination of TV was about to begin.

Quick progression

As the demand for televisions grew, technology made a number of incredible leaps forward, changing the way people lived their lives in the process. In 1948, cable television was introduced in order to deliver the service to rural areas. In 1950, the first colour television was announced and by 1962, satellites had been introduced as a means of delivering television signals so broadcasts could now be relayed internationally.

Over the next few years, colour sets become the norm and satellite technology was developed to the point where broadcasts could be made from the moon and viewers had an incredible amount of channel choice.

During this time, the public broadcast of major events such as the 1969 moon landing (which attracted 530 million viewers) and popular global entertainment shows such as Eurovision (which attracted 125 million annual viewers between 1956 and 2013) cemented the importance of TV.

Development of smart TV

By 1996, there were a billion TV sets worldwide and televisions were being designed with an increasingly incredible quality of picture. After plasma technology pushed picture quality further than ever, the led TV was introduced as the television to beat, boasting fantastic picture clarity and brightness.

As we look to the future, consumer demand for more integrated and responsive technology seems to point toward the widespread adoption of smart TVs.

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Are you looking for a reliable web hosting company?

By cooldude | June 26, 2013

web hosting company, hostingThe web hosting service is necessary to acquire space to launch up your website in the World Wide Web. There are a great lot of hosting companies around but all cannot be equally credible. Hence here are the needed tips that will help you to find out a good web host.

First of all, the web host provider you are going for should be a renowned and seasoned name in the market. Good reputation and years of market existence assure quality service from the company. Make sure that the company is ready with all the 3 important hosting services- such as shared, dedicated and VPS hosting so that you can chose the one as per your business needs and budget range.

Then, the hosting company must promise you sufficient bandwidth and of course as much as 99 percent uptime. Good uptime is needed to ensure that your site stays visible to your visitors all the time. Finally, there should be the assurance of dedicated technical support.

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Here comes 4G LTE

By cooldude | June 13, 2013

4G LTEAfter 2G and 3G, it is now time for the 4G connectivity. All these are different generations of the communication system. Technically 4G is known as 4G LTE in which the term LTE stands for Long Term Evolution. It has brought about a huge revolution in the world of wireless communication. The speed of surfing and download is much faster inn 4G than that in the 3G communication system. Many countries around the globe have accepted the 4G LTE communication system.

Many companies have also come forward to provide the 4G LTE service to the customers. Efforts are also on to make the cost of the 4G connection low and affordable for the general public. This latest communication technology is mainly aimed towards various wireless gadgets like tablets, smart phones and even laptops. However to enable using 4G in the cell phones and tablets, the same should be compatible with the 4G connection. With 4G LTE, you now don’t have to wait for the videos to stream whenever you are willing to watch them online.

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How to have a foolproof file backup system

By cooldude | June 5, 2013

file backup system, data backupIt’s true that we all use computers these days for our work or personal use. It’s risky to keep saving files in our computer as the hard drive may crash, we can accidentally delete our data or they can be compromised in any way. So, many of us use external drives to save up data. External hard drives are also used. However, you should be warned that this too is not a very safe option. The files could catch a virus, you could lose the external hard drive or yet again, you might delete the files by mistake.

That’s why it’s safest to go for virtual backup. Cloud storage is the next big thing. You can now store, share and send or receive large files of any size in your virtual folder. You can auto synchronize your system so that every time you update your land folder, your virtual pr remote folder gets auto updates as well store your files securely and have ea strong backup with cloud storage and sharing.

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Tips to consider before selecting your CPU

By cooldude | May 1, 2013

Buy a CPU, computerPrior to the selection of your CPU, you should keep certain important points in your mind. The first and foremost thing you should insist on is the configuration of your machine. Depending on your requirements and latest market trend, you should select the configuration of your CPU.
Don’t go for the latest processor and system specification because they haven’t yet been reviewed or their flaws have not yet been identified.

This doesn’t mean that you should go for the out dated system configuration. This is because many new software and applications will not run with the old configuration. It is better you go the intermediate system configuration which is still running in the market; this is because all the flaws of the existing system has been established and solution to those problems are also there. Moreover the existing system is much more user friendly compared to the new system.

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Pros of using 3D printer

By cooldude | April 16, 2013

3D printer, printer3D is the ultimate thing you can use if you are looking for a perfect clarity in the picture you print. If you are using an architect or an interior designer, the 3D printer can produce a live image of the design you make. It will be easy for you to the make your client understand they will get.

Also if you are a civil engineer and making plans for the buildings, a 3D printer can really prove to be helpful. Though till now only line diagrams are used for the site plans, but if 3D print out can be used, it will be easy for the site engineers, workers and the customers to understand the entire thing.

Not only in professional field, you can even use 3D printer to take print out of pictures. If you have presentation to be printed, 3D printer will provide ultimate clarity to the pictures. The pictures can attract anyone at the first go if printed using a 3D printer.

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Tips On Purchasing Used Servers

By cooldude | March 16, 2013

Used Servers, serversIf you have a big or a small business, you will require a server for your business needs. Buying a server is important because incase you buy an improper server, you will suffer the loss of your money or your business productivity will go down.

Used servers can be bought to save money. But ensure they meet all your performance requirements. Buy reconditioned equipment as it will cost far less than a new server. Purchase the used server from a reliable seller who will provide not a thirty or sixty day warranty but a lifetime guarantee.

Also make sure you buy the used server from a shop that offers pre and post-sale technical help to its customers. Keep in mind your budget before you invest in any used server. There are also auctions held for used servers. If you have enough knowledge regarding servers then buy a used one from these auctions. Hope these tips help you buy a proper used server.

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