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How to change from one server to another

By cooldude | April 21, 2012

It’s quite a challenging mission for every non- techie to change from one server to another. So what is this server transition all about? A little research to get you on – going through the different websites of the web hosting providers would ease the work required. It is better to stress on the competitive price ranged packages but be sure of the size. Next would be having a Data Backup, because during the transition period, a loss of data is no big game, so when it’s easy, why ignore it? Just head to the root folder of the server and drag the entire data range to the computer, and your work is done!

Now here comes the assistance time from those tech guys at your new server hosting company, what is to be done simply is creating a new database with the old name of course for synchronization and uploading all your data there. Now you are quite close to ending up, and simply need two name savers (like, ns1.your domainname.com), it might be pre programmed or the control panel needs some settings change. This update varies from 24-48 hrs, it is better to keep some data at your old server, to let others continue to log on even during the transition period. So here you are, on your new server! Good luck.

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