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Tips to compare tracking systems

By cooldude | September 13, 2011

Tracking system has come in vogue with the advancement in the field of technology. It is used in various sectors and its utility is inseparable from a particular organization.

• Warehouse Management System or ERP software is used to track indoor assets
• Time Delay on Arrival, GPS Yard Management and RSSI is used to track outdoor portable assets.
• Global Positioning System (GPS) is used in fleet management where every vehicle is provided with a GPS receiver.
• Real Time Locating System (RTLS) is used in confined areas as a tracking system like school premises or office building.

You should choose the right tracking system for your organization that caters to your need and requirement. You should also fix your budget before you decide on the tracking software. Tracking application holds immense importance in sectors like asset management, social networking, personal navigation and mobile resource management.

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