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Tips to Set up a Home Server

By qwcdirect | January 27, 2011

If you have an XP Professional machine at home, it is easy for you to set up a home server. A Vista Business machine will also serve the purpose. A home server can serve as a central location for all important files such as movies, crucial documents and music. The server will also offer you strong backups. Try configuring with other computers and you can automatically keep backups to the server.

A home server may seem to be quite expensive to some but it will justify the cost if your network has 3 or more computers. You can easily set up a reasonable Intel/AMD machine using 1 GB memory in conjunction with 160GB hard drive capacity. Your pc must have XP Pro or Vista Business installed in it. Give a name to workgroup of the server. Other computers must share this name. Share some folders from your server. This makes them accessible to the other linked machines. Firewall can be installed for security.

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